Moving Back from Self-Hosted

I spend too much time tinkering with self-hosted solutions, and the time I spend tinkering is not time spent writing. It’s especially difficult when the only place I can write is on my computer, which I don’t always have handy. WordPress offers an app, which definitely has to be handy. (Hmm. Maybe I should write my own app. … Ha.)

So. I’m going to move my Statamic posts here—there aren’t many—and give this place a go.


Checking Out Calypso

Really impressed with WP remains consistently in the top five companies I would work for, if I felt I had the expertise to work for them.

I’d love to see this administrative backend take root as part of self-hosted installs. I wonder if it’s possible to build installs in such a way that, if nodeJS and other requirements are present, then you get Calypso. If not, you get the standard PHP backend.